was established in the summer of 2015 with the intention of building a unified digital Marketing platform as software as a marketing solution. The main focus was to help organizations estimate their campaign ROIs more effectively and find ways to maximize it.

Our motto was to build a world-class digital marketing software platform and make it available to all our customers at the most reasonable price. We believe customers should get value for money by using simple and elegant next-gen technology that delivers superior ease-of-use.

Finally, our mission is to become a One Stop Shop for all Digital Marketing solutions. If digital marketing is an airplane, then we want to be the cockpit of that airplane.

At Campaigntocash, we take great pride in providing cutting-edge marketing automation solutions that organize your workflow, simplifying entire customer experience from lead to close. We offer engaging marketing solution that covers all channels of customer journey.

Our leadership team is comprised of experienced and talented executives who thrive on a culture of collaboration, viability, and innovation—resulting in best-in-class solutions for our clients. We offer a break-through Marketing Automation engine that delivers personally curated messages to each of your customers. Nurture with 1:1 messages and close sales faster.

Simple and elegant User Interface built on next-tech technology delivers superior ease-of-use to take the complexity out of Marketing Automation and Digital Marketing.



To be globally recognized for providing quality Marketing Automation solutions to its customers worldwide.

Empower organizations to operate with greater efficiency by offering technology and services that enable Digital Innovation and Digital Transformation.