Why startup should start using Mobile Marketing Automation 2020

November 12, 2019

Why startup should start using Mobile Marketing Automation 2020?

2019 is just set here and it is sure to bring even more mobile marketing automation adoption along with it. With mobile usage exploding, the user needs to get engaged at scale. Based on deep sights into their real-time behavior, successful marketers are nurturing the users across the touch points. Mobile marketing automation helps people build a one-to-one relationship with each and every mobile user, despite the count of the users available. If you are not using mobile marketing automation yet, here are the 10 reasons why you might start using it!

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Mobile marketing automation solutions: Explained

In the mobile influenced world, mobile devices are in more interaction than customer interactions, as mobile interactions have turned out to be a part of customer journeys. Ever, mobile marketing automation solutions would definitely deliver relevant and cross-channel experiences to the customers all in one place. Mobile marketing automation was considered to be the best with the following advantages:

  • Customer’s experience with their brand can be personalized as it allows the customers to seamlessly navigate between channels and devices
  • Helps to find and attract the right users for your app
  • Helps connect with people along with all the real-time messages
  • Using comprehensive analytics for decision making
  • Increases retention by reconnecting with users

What Mobile Marketing Automation really is?

Mobile marketing automation involves the usage of rules, software, and templates to make the customer and prospects communication much easier. This includes the process of:

  • Collecting the customer’s personal information such as name, email address and storing them 
  • Based on the information available, users can be segmented
  • Building communication templates, and personalizing and figuring out them regarding which segments they should go to.
  • Handling all the technical work for delivering the messages
  • Reporting on and analyzing the results of your marketing automation efforts

Though mobile marketing has all the capabilities that traditional marketing has, the messages can be sent to the customer’s based upon their privilege only. It is actually the permission to talk with their customers at any time; no matter what else they may be doing and get exclusive data on their preferences that traditional channels cannot access. 

How to use messaging in Mobil marketing automation 

Mobile marketing automation is a catch term for marketing software that is being specially designed to optimize the mobile experiences and it has existed for a while. For more than a decade, marketers have already started using marketing automation to analyze the web traffic, and collect the user data. But, mobile marketing is delivering the unique challenges that normal and traditional marketing automation software did not provide. In addition, it also provides 

  • Geo-location tracking
  • Automated drip campaigns that coordinate everything across the push notifications, in-app messaging, emails, and more
  • Based upon the user behaviors in and out of the app, complete user profiles will be generated

Beyond Mobile Marketing automation 

Mobile marketing automation is the thing that provides much more possibilities with a channel to the users but, doesn’t settle with the mobile marketing itself as the next phase of mobile engagement platform is available which helps you to manage all categories of customers and user interactions to achieve even the critical goals. Stay connected to learn more about mobile marketing automation in the future!

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