The power of Email Marketing: How it builds stronger relationships between brand and subscribers?

November 12, 2019

The power of Email Marketing: How it builds stronger relationships between brand and subscribers?

Ever it'll not be good passing by without stating that for “Brands”, customers are everything as the brands are completely relying upon their customers for driving revenue and obviously, they are dependent on them for money to run their business. Simultaneously, it can also be said that brands must trust their customers solely and treat them like kings and queens to show them how valuable they are to their business. However technology has driven the world today, one of the brilliant ways to do that is to use “Email Marketing Campaigns”. 

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 Email   Marketing scored higher than social media platforms: How and why?

Of course, social media platforms are no longer exceptional for small businesses when it comes about the fact of marketing. Indeed, it was identified to be a rule! But, today most of the marketing experts are turning their noses at social media platforms, and instead started focusing on “Email Marketing”. It may seem to be quite unbelievable with a question of how and why? But, the answer is simple! Yes, “Email Marketing” is ultimately the “The Wise” choice to build profitable relationships with your branded customers. 

“Interaction” is the only strongest foundation for building long term customer relationships not just once or twice, but consistently from time to time ever! Well said, by making email marketing your top marketing priority, you will be able to gain customer relationships that are infinitely more intimate than those being cultivated on social media platforms.  

What exactly the “Brand” & “Brand Building” are?

“Brand”, simply can be defined through an overall perception of your customer’s on your business, and a successful brand ever needs to be consistent in terms of Experience and Better communication across all the applications such as:

  • Website advertising
  • Online advertising
  • Content publishing
  • Located environment
  • Sales and customer service
  • Print, signage, and packaging

Whereas, the Brand Building is about creating awareness on the business by implementing several marketing strategies and campaigns with a goal to achieve a leadership position in the market place. Brand building can be done by:

  • Determining the target audience of a brand.
  • Establishing a mission statement of a brand
  • Research brands within the industry niche
  • Outlining the brand benefits and key qualities 
  • Creating a logo and tagline for the brand
  • Framing the brand’s voice
  • Framing the brand's message 
  • Integrate your brand into every aspect of your business
  • Stay true to your brand building
  • Be your brand’s biggest advocate

The power of Email marketing: Behind building relationships

When it comes to building relationships, email marketing has a drastic power in achieving it. Though customers are addicted to social media currently, it cannot create a better customer relationship than that of the marketing strategies like “Email Marketing”. Today, email marketing has turned out to be a greater customer acquisition tool and more likely a relationship tool as well. 

While social media is a brand discovery, email marketing is a reliable way of getting in contact with the customers frequently. Emails can deliver more content and present them in a way it can involve more interactions. How it turned to be an effective means of brand building is that it enables a direct relationship between a brand and its email subscribers at any time the brand wishes to reach their targeted audience with tailor-made messages. 

How to use Email Marketing to build relationships?

Email marketing is all about building relationships and fulfilling the customers’ expectations as subscribers with mutual interests. If you are not using email marketing already then, you are very late to the party as the recent survey says that 60% of businesses have already implemented and it's producing greater ROI and made brands to grow in profitability as emails help drive sales, retain clients, and increase brand awareness thereby boosting website traffic. 

Worthwhile, email marketing can build relationships when it done with the following steps. 

  1. Create a strategy to grow your audience, which includes
    1. Earn trust 
    2. Growing audience in right way
    3. Do not buy lists
    4. Plan ahead with appropriate resources 
  2. Run automated emails that sounds reasonable
  3. Send welcome emails by welcoming them initially and talk more about your brand
  4. Build Engagement and Loyalty through
    1. Building right email
    2. Optimizing emails for mobile devices
    3. Aim to create content word of mouth worthy
    4. Tracking, measuring, and improving email metrics
    5. Relevantly providing value to content readers 
    6. Personalize appropriately with locations and user experience
  5. Personalization to get increased open rates and sales
  6. Send emails on important dates with a perfect recognition 
  7. Leverage location by segmenting your mailing list by the countries where your customers are from.

Top ways that Email can build profitable relationships 

Email Marketing can build stronger Brand-Customer relationships with a simple monetization of email lists by following the steps listed below:

  1. Be consistent – Be sure that you are sending emails to your list on a regular basis from anywhere from twice a month to twice a week depending on your brand and style.
  2. Fine tune your subject lines – Building relationships is not possible if no one opens your mail and instead, try with best subject lines that increases your email open rates. 
  3. Share relevant content – Share relevant content with your list in the mail to position yourself as an expert and trusted resource. 
  4. Sell less stuff – Every mail that you are sending with a list is a sales mail which will make people open mail soon. 
  5. Include a call to action - Choose a specific call to action and explicitly ask your customer to follow through on that action. For example, “To read the rest of this awesome blog post, click here now.”
  6. Include affiliate offers – Include a single or multiple affiliate offers while sending the emails which will indeed boost your chances of profitability.
  7. Give discounts and freebies – Reward for your customers’ loyalty who joins and stays with your list. 

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