How to Create a High Conversion Landing Page in 2020 that actually drags Leads

How to Create a High Conversion Landing Page in 2020 that actually drags Leads

September 02, 2020

A Practical Approach to Create Landing Pages

For more leads and conversions that come from campaign success,  landing pages are the best companions that help businesses grow through increased brand awareness, improved online traffic, and deep trust developed with their targeted audience. A well-designed landing page greatly improves the conversions of the marketing campaigns rather than just directing the visitors from other sources to your website.

How important are landing pages?

Landing pages are crucial for all kinds of promotional marketing activities, in particular, paid marketing as measured ROI is essential for its success! Landing pages are important by the way the paid traffic is diverted towards it rather than being diverted to the homepage as the homepage is often designed as a normal and generic entity point to a brand and its business. Email/Social/Mobile campaign landing pages are created with an intention to provide a hyper-focused experience that is designed to accomplish the only goal of the marketing campaign.

Must to double-check 15 things while creating a landing page

          Whether you are setting up a landing page for the very first time or the hundredth time, it's common for people to forget a few things. Though it seemed to be one of the pages types of a website, there are still lots of moving parts you need to juggle. Some of those moving parts are more important than others, and if they lost while building a land page, you may lose out the valuable conversions.

          One of the best ways to ensure that you have covered all the topics while building a landing page is to have a checklist handy of all the things you need to do. The following checklist has the things that are needed to be considered must while landing pages for success.

The top 15 things that needed to be considered are:

  1. Create a headline using actionable and value-driven words
  2. You have to make sure that the headline gets matched with the source copy
  3. Write a sub-header that concisely describes the benefit of the offer
  4. Write a body copy that can be scanned, scrolled, and compelled  
  5. While searching, the page title, URL, and the meta description are needed to be optimized
  6. Include an image that shows users what they'll get after filling out the landing page form
  7. Optimize your image's alt-text
  8. Ensure your lead-capture form is the proper length
  9. Customize your submit button
  10. Allow your form to offer progressive profiling for return visitors
  11. Make sure your landing page content passes the blink test
  12. Remove the top navigation menu bar
  13. Make your page layout responsive to mobile devices
  14. Make sure your smart content contains logical personalization tokens
  15. Set up a thank-you page and/or kickback emails

Top 7 tips to create a Mind-reading landing page

          When you are on a mission to create a perfect landing page, just imagine what would it like? What would conversion rates be like? What would the color scheme be like? And how would the value proposition read? Here come the top 7 tips to consider while creating a landing page that helps you create a virtual page.

Step 1: Get started with a persona with all the obvious points

Step 2: Target the right keywords that are not isolated from keywords

Step 3: Introduce a visual power to your landing page

Step 4: answer the big questions of your headline that are incredibly important

Step 5: successfully answer all the big questions in your copy that are lingered by the users on the page

Step 6: Satisfy all the objections in your discussion

Step 7: close the process of creating a landing page with a powerful CTA

If you are into the digital marketing space, the above practical approach will help you know all about the landing pages that can be created within minutes with content management features.