How Marketing Automation Tools can Empower Marketing Teams to Deliver More?

How Marketing Automation Tools can Empower Marketing Teams to Deliver More?

July 17, 2019

           Today, what is the marketing automation buzz all about? Witness the great indicator here on how marketing automation is progressing rapidly in terms of technology by adopting with the human workflows. How big your team may be it from an engineer to an expert, people know what it means to do more tasks being allotted with fewer resources to do so and quite, it is harder for them to spend whole time carrying out their day-to-day operations much likely the “Marketing”. The best way to handle the situation is to step into the Marketing Automation.

Buzz behind the marketing automation boom worldwide

            Marketing is about reaching the individuals while appealing to the masses and as much as the world is evolving, the marketing is so must. Indeed, the Marketing Automation in India was the blessing for marketers to automate the marketing communications to their machine counterparts that saves their time and efforts. Marketing Automation is a set of solutions that caters to the need of customer’s acquisition and engagement through multiple channels that include mobile, web, emails, and social platforms.

Why Marketing Automation is necessary? The top reasons behind it!

Marketing Automation tools and Marketing Automation platform is still evolving and improving by allowing the marketers to scale up their marketing efforts with the best campaigns. And today, the greater innovations and new-age technologies have been reshaping the Marketing Automation platform and let’s look at the top reasons that are set to important:

  • Real-time marketing where SMS/Mobile app/Email campaigns runs as per prospect behavior in real time from minutes to milliseconds
  • Hyper-personalization that targets upon users to convert sales into major leads at the very first visit. Data segmentation is another crucial factor.
  • Multiple channel marketing (combination of social media+mobile-sms, in-app+emails+ads) with campaigns to get constant attention
  • Optimizing the ROI being provided with instant analytics and reporting
  • Targeting Phablet devices as it was stated that 25-30% of mobile users has been increasing every day. Focus on mobile audience is another important factor.

Impact of Marketing Automation tools and platforms in 2019

            However today technology is empowering, marketing automation has gained the importance even more with the greater benefits of increasing the sales productivity by 14.5% and 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead. Currently, the marketing automation has skyrocketed from a $500m market to an expected $5.5bn in 2019 in four years and now, 67% of marketing leaders are using at least one marketing automation platform and further 21% of them have planned to start using it in 2019, stated by a marketing report.

            Over the years, there has been an explosion of Marketing Automation for airlines industry that it has changed the way customers use the search engines. In relation to the airlines’ industry, over 75% of the bookings are done via the online portal as the marketing strategies are systematically planned with effective email, social networks, and Phablet marketing automation campaigns. 

The best marketing automation tools to make marketing, a hassle free process!

marketing automation tool in india

            A bit closer to the home front, the marketing automation has grown considerably and it’s expected to grow at 8.55% by the end of 2019. While the market continues to evolve, efficient marketing automation requires the proper selection of Best Marketing Automation 2019 for the digital era that automates lead nurturing, lead scores, finds the best sales leads, and CRM integration. Whatever you end up choosing, the automation tool you choose must play a key role in making your brand more engaged, targeted, and personalized ahead in 2019.

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