5 Top Secrets to Campaign Optimization

November 25, 2019

Secrets to Campaign Optimization

Your campaign is now up and running and you are ready to make adjustments as necessary to improve the performance. Yup! It is always vital to keep an eye on your email campaigns in order to get the most out of your campaigns. Just imagine, you are setting up a marketing programmatic campaign and going down your digital checklist before the campaign goes live! You might have to analyze whether you have targeted a specific set of audience? Have you set up the bid, uploaded the creative, and chosen the right inventory? Just check all these and if done, you are all just ready to sit back and watch the flows in. 

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Campaign Optimization: An introduction!
Campaign optimization is literally meant to be optimizing your campaign for success and maximizing the chances of winning auctions, user engagement, and the serving impressions. 
  • Indeed, marketing campaign optimization is an ultimate key for turning out the strategy into a powerful marketing machine. 
  • Though it is an effective means, still there are many marketers struggling to stay on the top of optimization practices.
  • Despite the best intentions, marketing campaigns are like a tiger having the form of something grand. 

Campaign optimization: strategies

Once your campaign is live and you have decided what you want to achieve with it, then it’ll definitely be a challenge figuring out how to start the campaign optimizing process. Here are some strategies for campaign optimizations and you can explore it below:

  • Data – Data is the first thing needed to be optimized based upon the amount of data (i.e.) the size of the content needed to make the informed decision. 
  • Minor Optimization – On a tactical situation to push spend toward delivery and performance, minor optimization can be done for adjusting the win rate and efficiency to shift over thee higher performance tactics. 
  • Major Optimization - Major Optimization can be done upon noticing that the campaign needs more dynamic changes. This optimization includes:
      1. Building whitelists & blacklists
      2. Optimizing the creatives
      3. Adjustments upon inventory placements
      4. Pulling data segment reports
      5. Reviewing the exchanges

    Marketing Campaign Optimization: the best practices to be noted

    Ever, campaign optimization has the utmost importance when the following best practices are delivered at its best. 

  • Put strategy first 
  • Incorporate metrics from the start
  • Use the strengths of different platforms
  • Personalize
  • Always be testing
  • Key things to keep in mind when optimizing Campaigns

    Beyond campaign optimization strategies, there are few key things to be considered as follows:

  • The optimization cannot be done too quickly 
  • The optimization should be done neither too frequently nor infrequently
  • All the charges should be kept under an efficient tracking Keep tracking