5 Don’ts to Follow While Drafting Multichannel Marketing Strategy

July 19, 2019

5 Don’ts to Follow While Drafting Multichannel Marketing Strategy -

Consumers today are bombarded with numerous marketing messages every day. For marketers, it has become essential to create a campaign that can make an impact cutting through all the clutter. One of the ways of doing it is through multi-channel marketing by using many channels like email marketing, print, banner ads, etc. But this technique can only work if the best practices are followed and also ensuring that some costly mistakes are not made by marketers. Here is a list of don’ts to follow while using multichannel marketing. 

 Don’t send a lot of emails: Email marketing through best email marketing tools is an effective way to communicate about your brand to the customers. But sending a lot of emails is not the only way to promote your brand. Use of other channels like Social Media as a way to generate more leads and more ROI.

  1. Don’t spam: The myth surrounding multi-channel marketing is that using multiple channels is equal to spamming. Don’t send the same message in all channels as that can be marked as spam by users. Use different design, color, Call-To-Action, fonts, etc. across various channels yet keeping the core message intact. 
  2. Don’t forget mobile: The amount of time consumers spend on their smart phones is increasing. Often the content that is sent by many brands is not optimized for mobile which can quickly turn to become a costly mistake. With consumers spending a lot of time on mobile, the content should be designed for optimal mobile viewing and also to give a great user experience. 
  3. Don’t give a crap- work on content: Not curating informative content is one of the biggest mistakes. A one-fit-solution does not work especially in multi-channel marketing. A copy-paste of another campaign without curating informative content but just replicating others’ content and design is not the right approach and can become easily noticeable by the users. 
  4. Don’t focus on the channel but on the consumer: Most companies make the mistake of not focusing on the consumer. Instead, they try various ways to build their presence through black hat SEO or choose other ineffective channels. Instead, they should focus on channels that their customers are on and deliver personalized content that will generate leads. Spend enough time researching what customers need and how to reach them rather than sticking to a channel. 


There is an abundance of choices and channels for a customer and hence just delivering the message is no longer enough. These messages have to be tailor-made for the audience based on the preferences, demographics, channel preferences, current location and much more. When the customers are engaged this way they are more willing to receive and act irrespective of the channel. 


The role of a campaign manager who manages multi channel campaign management  is highly critical as they provide highly choreographed campaigns across multiple channels such as emails, social, sms, push campaigns so that the customers find the messages trustworthy and useful. We recommend campaigntocash for acquiring the results and also to get insights and reports that can be used to make better decisions. That way business can communicate better with customers and also understand the challenges and tailor the strategies accordingly.