10 Reasons You Should Be Using Campaigntocash Email Analytics Dashboard Today

November 27, 2019

10 Reasons You Should Be Using Campaigntocash Email Analytics Dashboard Today

Online marketing landscape keeps changing but there is one constant in all that and that is Email marketing. It works by bringing the best ROI from all strategies implemented but only if it is done properly. For a successful email marketing campaign, it is essential to know how the email recipients are taking the content sent to them and how to track and use the data and other important metrics to make the right interpretations. The Campaigntocash email analytics dashboard helps you do this and much more. Here are a few reasons to use it.

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Easy to connect to different data sources: Email marketing is an important touchpoint in the path to online purchase and hence businesses capture as many contacts as they can and these are sometimes enriched with more data so that they can make a more targeted campaign. Businesses use many sources for data storage and the most popular ones are the likes of AWS and Azure which are used by Campaigntocash in addition to internal servers. The email analytics dashboard that you are using should be able to connect to all types of data sources so that business can use the already collected data to good use in their campaign. This customizable dashboard can take data from disparate sources and store them in their internal server and use it to display useful data. 

Select data range: The dashboard has another useful feature and that is selecting data range to get the analytics. There are many occasions where there is a need for data aggregation using multiple mailing reports. When you have such multiple reports you can then select based on a data range. For example, if you want to select all the emails that were sent within a date you can do so easily. Using this data many future marketing strategies can be adopted.

Focus on key email marketing metrics: One of the key challenges for marketers after they have built the mailing lists is to get them to opt-in for emails. After that is done, it is essential to not lose them and keep them engaged and interested in the email programs. To do that it is essential to understand the after-click behavior. The bounce rate and the time spent by the subscriber on the website will give an indication of whether the audience is interested or not. This dashboard gives KPI metrics like Click-Through-Rate, No of clicks, bounce rate, delivery rate and unsubscribe rate which gives a quick view of where the goals for the email marketing campaign is met. If it is not then you can easily use the data to turn things around. Campaigntocash dashboard provides these key metrics so that it can be used effectively. 

Lists the top campaigns: The dashboard lists out all the top performing campaigns based on the goals you have defined and the KPI metrics set. For example, it can list the top performing campaigns based on the open rate. It is shown along with details like metrics on the email sent, email opened, email clicked, the email bounced or unsubscribed. This data can be leveraged to create better performing strategies. 

Nurturing emails and drip campaign through automation: The automation of workflow helps in lead nurturing and drip campaigns. In order to make the user who visited your website a customer, there is a need to nurture using specific email strategies. By lead nurturing it helps to connect, engage and gain the trust of your prospects, doing this manually takes a lot of time and money and that is where automation workflow can help. It can send relevant emails to the right audience at the right time and that increases the chances of conversion. The Campaigntocash software helps create that work flow easily through creating process flows. All you need to do is set the filter and the process flow gets triggered and the email is sent. 

Another advantage of creating automation is it can help in drip campaigns which are done through email marketing. The content is sent at the programmed time automatically to the target audience which is set through the filter in the tool. 

Gives a snapshot of the future campaigns: This dashboard not only lists the current campaigns but also the upcoming campaigns that are due in the future date. Any learnings from the current campaign that needs to be implemented in an upcoming campaign can be easily incorporated using the edit option. 

Opt-in and unsubscribed: The subscriber activity displayed on the dashboard gives a clear picture of the audience and the health of the subscriber base. Further analyzing the dashboard you can then find out the most active subscribers and how they are engaging with the content. That will then help to develop a more effective and better revenue generating email marketing strategy. 

Helps to determine the bounce rate: Finding the bounce rate is essential for email marketing as it indicates the number of emails that could not be sent to prospective customers due to errors. The Campaigntocash analytics dashboard shows the bounce rate in an email campaign. It is intelligent to differentiate Bounce emails into permanent (invalid or non-existent email address) or transient (server issues, mailbox full, etc) along with other details like the sub-bounce type. This information helps to get more relevant data and also resend emails at a later time for temporary issues.

Put Email Stats on the chart: As part of digital market strategy many traffic sources will be implemented and email will be one of them. In order to compare how it performs with the other channels having a dashboard dedicated for email, tracking is essential and that is what this tool offers. It also helps to determine how the email is performing in the KPI’s to accomplish the goals. 

Get demographic information: The email analytics dashboard gives a great deal of information about your website visitors. It can capture data like the location, age, gender, number of visits, etc using which you can make a better-targeted approach and offer content that can make acquisitions. 

The Campaigntocash email analytics dashboard will help you get the most of the data that you have integrating it with real-time data. The data like the opens and clicks helps you understand how customers are engaging in your content and to provide a better deal to them and thereby generate more revenue for your business.